Reawakening the spirit of craf

Nowadays, most Chinese chops or seals are produced by machines and only used to process official documents. However, the town of Sanxia in New Taipei City is home to an artisan called Wu Qi-xian (吴契宪), who is committed to restoring the ancient art of seal engraving and popularizing the aesthetic beauty of the craft.

It is Mr. Wu’s belief that seal engraving isn’t only a traditional craft but also a part of Taiwan's cultural inheritance. However, to do a good job, an artisan needs quality tools - without quality tools, how can one carve artistically beautiful seals? In the true spirit of craftsmanship, Mr. Wu not only engraves seals but also personally makes his own engraving tools.

Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Wu, many more people are approaching him for handcrafted seals, triggering a renaissance in this ancient art. Hopefully, under the guidance of Mr. Wu, this age-old skill will be passed on to future generations and carve a glorious new page in the annals of history.





Reawakening the spirit of craf

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